Current projects

Sant Pere de Ribes

KGK is developing a new residential complex in Barcelona

The development consists of a new residential complex on a 30 hectare site in the town of Sant Pere de Ribes, in the province of Barcelona. With over 50,000 m² of development area, the project will include new homes and a series of municipal facilities.

The project will embody a new urban planning concept which aims to achieve a maximum amount of harmony and integration of the all the planning elements needed to meet both public and private requirements with a clear sensibility towards environmental issues.

In this sense, KGK intends to develop the project under the LEED for Neighborhood Development certification process, a new initiative of the US Green Building Council, Congress for New Urbanism and the Natural Resources Defense Council which promotes and certifies sustainable town planning.

KGK has entered into a collaboration agreement with Hines ( for the management of the project. 

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